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Studio Heavan !!

March 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi, been a real busy couple of weeks in the studio and out and about on location as well.

Been shooting everything from new born babies to model portfolios and motorbikes. Trying to cram as much in as possible before the wedding season kicks off in earnest.

I thought I would share some work with you. As you'll see Ive tried changing a few things around down at the studio working on new lighting set ups while the opportunity was there . Been a pleasure to work with a couple of new faces as in Amy and Rob and my good friend Eloise made a welcome return to the studio as well. Catch you soon.


What a joy it was to meet Amy. It was her first time in the studio but she took to it like a duck to water, and it wasn't long before we nailed some great shots. We decided to go for a high key look with a kind of sixties feel. Lots of contrast with the black and white finish working really well. basic three light set up with two strip boxes lighting up the backdrop and a 120 open umbrella doing the work at the front. At the end of the session we went for a moody look just moving one of the strip boxes around and using it as the only light source. Amy is coming back again soon and hopefully we'll nail some more great shots.


Next up my long time mate and model Eloise came down, always a pleasure to work with. Eloise is also a singer so we approached the shoot in a different way and went for a more lo key feel on the backdrop whilst keeping El highlighted at the front. Literally just to mix things up a bit, also keeping her in colour gave the pics a commercial feel for possible poster shots or general publicity shots.


Rob came down at the weekend to shoot his first portfolio work as he wants to get in to the world of modelling with an emphasis on fitness. He presented himself in great condition and after a nervy start he soon relaxed and delivered some cracking results. He showed how important it is to take these shoots seriously and understanding that you only get out what you put in.

Take a look at the pics and make your own mind up.

Thanks for now








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