Rob Grist Photography | Jenny and James. 30th July. Bickleigh Castle.

Jenny and James. 30th July. Bickleigh Castle.

August 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As you may have noticed there were two weddings on the 30th. James is the brother of Georgi from the previous post and they shared their wedding day with their respective partners.

It was a bit different for me, darting between the two couples but it worked out fine.

Both couples shared the guests and all the entertainment and food etc... The major difference was that James and Jenny actually got married on the day in the lovely outdoor area at the castle.

Yet again the weather was kind to us and for the rest of the day as it happened, and this just added to the lovely ambience of the day.

You may see some pics the same as the post before as you read through but as I said the same guests were at both ceremonies and the day was shared for everyone as well as me.

Take a look at the pics to see how James and Jennys day panned out.










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