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Fitness first!

April 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As you know I do a fair few shoots in and around the local gym. Recently I have had  a real mixed bag with 12 week challenge clients getting in shape for the summer through to personal trainers wanting their portfolio shots up dated.

Nina trains at the Torquay and was focussing on a recent show she was competing in. She was competing in the bikini model category. There is no way you can reach this sort of shape without making sacrifices and Nina has certainly done that. Her photos reflect her hard work and she looked in fabulous shape with the show looming.

A small selection of pics showing her incredible work.

Lily is a PT at another gym in Torquay and also a martial arts expert. She also works hard for her physique and her pics again reflect the end result of keeping in shape with regular training.

We were lucky enough to grab a few natural light shots as well the studio style work as well.

Roya is a regular trainer and was looking to put a collection of pics together prior to getting married soon after. Tried a few different ideas with Roya and I was very pleased with the results. I don't shoot wide in the gym that often but the right decision was made for these I think.

Ryan is a 12 week client in the Torquay gym. He has worked incredibly hard to obtain his current physique. Ryan is now consolidating with a view to putting together another 12 weeks of hard work to improve even further. Well done mate, good work!



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