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Ive seen the light.

April 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My weddings are starting a bit later this year for all sorts of reasons, but mainly as I wanted to give myself the opportunity to push some areas of my business. So Ive taken advantage when possible to do a variety of projects.

Now most of you know that I love using studio lighting but I also love natural light as well. I'm a big fan of the early morning shoot at sun up or sun down for that matter. To that end I thought I would share some recent work which varies from hair to fashion, and from portrait to commercial.

Recently I collaborated with my lovely friend Tenneille, she is the wife of my barber friend Tom whom I've shot with a ton of times. Tenneille is a very competent make up artist and we've been trying to do a project for a while. We finally got together with clothing designer Lynsey and model Rachel last month and came up with a vintage style shoot featuring the work both the ladies mentioned above as well as myself.

Heres a selection of pics from the day. All of these are natural light shots using window light or just available light.

Camera settings are not over complicated and I guess with the exception of upping the ISO for some of the shots when the light was a bit dimmers all pretty standard settings.

Everything was shot on Canon 5D MKIII and spot metering.

Results were very flattering and more than pleasing to the eye. The Canon works a treat at higher ISO values so the need to remove noise in post is not really an issue.

Model: Rachel Jordan

Makeup: Tenneille Chapman

Wardrobe: Lynsey Beardsmore

Photography: Rob Grist

Lynsey very kindly offered to model as well as we had  model pullout at the last minute.

One of my favourite shots of Lynsey was this lit portrait in the hallway of our location, Lupton House.

I just used one quadra flash head at medium power. Shot on a canon 5DMKIII with an 85mm lens, ISO 200, f7.1 @100s.

I also got some lovely window light shots of Lynsey and Tennielle, the latter stepping in for some modelling duties as well later in the day. 

All the dresses you see were designed and made by Lynsey Beardsmore and all make up by Tenneille Chapman.

Photos by yours truly.





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